Turn back the hands of time with this non-surgical light therapy treatment!

This is a non-surgical device that treats scar appearance, acne, fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, hyper-pigmentation and sun damage. Using 6 different color cycles and wavelengths, this anti-aging device has a variety of benefits backed by science.

Using LED light technology first researched and developed by NASA, this device is meant for low-level light therapy which helps the body obtain therapeutic benefits without side effects.

The process of light therapy is all natural and non-invasive while certain light waves trigger different reactions within the body. Depending upon the energy being applied, the reactions can scope from repairing and replenishing damaged skin cells to the stimulation of collagen production. This device incorporates all this technology into one treatment that helps you turn back the hands of time!

**Best results achieved by using 3 times per week for one month and then once a week thereafter or can be used as often as you like**

LED Facial: $139

ADD-ON Service: $49 each session or $249 for unlimited monthly membership.

*Can be added to any facial or as a stand alone service.*

Each session is 30 minutes long. Be prepared to leave your worries behind as you lie on a relaxing massage table in your own private room with soft spa music and the warmth of the therapeutic LED lights!


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