Zena Algae Peel / Bio-Microneedling (Anti-Aging/Acne/Hyperpigmentation,etc)


Safely treats acne, scarring, hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles and more!

Using spicules (needle like structures) from fresh water sponges that are sourced from the pristine lakes & rivers of the Ukraine. These spicules are massaged into the skin allowing millions of these tiny microscopic “needles” to penetrate deep into the epidermis increasing collagen production, improving acne, scaring,  fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation! Good for ALL skin types (all Fitzpatrick's) You will most likely experience peeling.  ~ $179

Benefits are seen after just one treatment, but for optimum results, A series of 3-4 sessions is recommended.

**NOTE** We require clients with pigmentation issues to purchase our pre-peeling products to use at home for 10 days prior to their first treatment. It is also highly reccomended that anyone wanting to acheive their best results to do this protocol as well.

Top Photo (before)  Bottom Photo (after)  This is after just one treatment!



Left Photo (before)  Right Photo (after)  This is after the recommended three treatments!